Wolf Parade

I bought Wolf Parade’s new album, At Mount Zoomer on a whim the other day because I was feeling majorly out of the loop of recent music releases. I prefer Dan Boeckner’s stuff in Handsome Furs to most things Spencer Krug has done, so be aware of my bias. Although Shut Up I Am Dreaming is still an awesome song by any measure. Behold, my impressions!

01. Soldier’s Grin – A Dan song. I like this one quite a bit. Hard to explain exactly why, but I loved Modern World off the last album, perhaps the voice just evokes that.

02. Call It a Ritual – Spencer song. I think I heard a bit of this in the pre-album release period, but wasn’t too impressed. It’s grown a bit since then. The off-kilter piano in the background kind of irks me.

03. Language City – Dan again. More upbeat than the previous two tracks. They really added a lot more piano for this album, didn’t they? Seems more organic too. Must be the lack of Isaac Brock this time. Thumbs up to this one.

04. Bang Your Drum – Spencer. This is one of the best songs on the album. Perhaps it’s just the name of the song drawing my attention to it, but I’m really digging the drumbeat.

05. California Dreamer – Spencer. This song rocks well enough. Seems strangely familiar.

06. The Grey Estates – Dan. This can almost be described as bouncy. This should go on my driving mix.

07. Fine Young Cannibals – She drives me crazy, like no one else, she drives me crazy, and I can’t help myself. Is this song title a tribute? Have we settled this yet? Anyway, it’s Dan again. Slow, moody. I approve.

08. An Animal in Your Care – Spencer. This song faked me out, I started out disliking it and got drawn in around the middle.

09. Kissing the Beehive – Dan vs. Spencer, formerly the title track of the album. Makes you wish they’d collaborate on more songs together, otherwise this album seems like it’s some sort of Handsome Furs/Sunset Rubdown split LP. It makes a good closer. Eleven minutes!

The Verdict
It’s a good album. Rather downtempo, but that’s not a bad thing. It may need a few more listens for me to appreciate it fully though. I prefer Apologies to Queen Mary, as it has more energy and variety in the tracks, but this is probably what I would whip out in a more relaxed setting. I recommend it.


— , July 16, 2008    2 Comments