Travis Morrison

If his website is accurate, Travis Morrison, former frontman of the late, great Dismemberment Plan, has retired from the music scene. Whether this is permanent remains to be seen, but it’s a loss that still gets me down. After all, how many people would name their band after a throwaway line from the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day? His solo material after the ‘Plan disbanded wasn’t exactly critically lauded. His debut solo disc Travistan received a whopping zero from the geniuses at Pitchfork, which effectively killed his career in the internet age. How ironic, they killed his career then report on its death. To have him leave the scene completely seems a shame, but at the same time, he’s left behind a respectable back catalogue of some pretty awesome music. Kudos to you Travis Morrison, enjoy your retirement, and don’t hesitate to reform the band if you get bored.

Travis Morrison – Any Open Door

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— , July 4, 2009    2 Comments