The Boy Least Likely To

I think this album gave me diabetes. After a slew of entertaining singles from their debut The Best Party Ever,  The Boy Least Likely To have created a second album so cutesy and sweet that it’s truly deserving of the title, pardon the expression, twee as fuck. Individually, the songs are quite enjoyable. Singles ‘A Balloon on a Broken String’ and ‘When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade’ are ridiculously catchy, but 45 minutes of them are nearly enough to get me to throw on some death metal to clear my head of all the banjos,  xylophones and bells.

Lyrics like “If I want to feel something, I’ll stick pencils up my nose” succeed despite their ridiculousness, and the band exudes a certain charm, but even the most charming person wears out their welcome. You’ve likely met that person, the one who’s friendly, considerate, talkative, and an all-around stand up guy. But after some time in their presence, you begin to loathe them. I’ll digress from this, as it’ll just degenerate into the plot synopsis of some mediocre romantic comedy. Suffice it to say, my biggest criticism is that The Boy Least Likely To are annoyingly good at what they do.

Perhaps I’m too jaded to appreciate this on a higher level. The childlike perspective of wonder and optimism that pervades the album has likely passed me by, but the odd listen can still be worthwhile.

The Boy Least Likely To – A Balloon on a Broken String
The Boy Least Likely To – When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade
The Boy Least Likely To – Every Goliath Has Its David


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Dan Deacon

Hey y’all. It’s been a while since my last mixtape but I promise this one is wicked awesome to make up for the past few months. I’ve been busy with final exams and…graduating. So, if you’ve graduated, this is in dedication to you! And if not, it’s in dedication to you anyways! To summer and adventures! Let’s celebrate! In the words of ‘Ye: “Yes, barely pass any and every class, looking at every ass, cheated on every test. I guess this is my dissertation. Homie this shit is basic, so welcome to graduation! Get on down!”

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Pet Shop Boys

01 | Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming?

Despite the fact that Yes is Pet Shop Boys 10th studio album, they show no signs of slowing down powering out hits like this one. The entire album is great to listen to and ranks right up with their previous release Fundamental that gave synth pop a new face of minimalism. This track destroys the dance floors and will be Pet Shop Boys’ next single from Yes!


02 | Röyksopp – The Girl and the Robot

Aaaah how we all love Puffball Mushroom (way to represent in costume Torbjørn)! Junior is an album that slightly moves away from the more downtempo ambient tendencies of Melody A.M. and the Understanding with songs like ‘Happy Up Here’, ‘Tricky Tricky’, ‘Vision One’, and this one, ‘The Girl and the Robot’. Watch the video for the latter below. It totally kicks ass and gets me excited for a potential Röyksopp tour…if the stage set up is anything like the one in the video, I will be so stoked! I love Robyn too, she knows how to shake it.

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