Reverie Sound Revue

I intended to preface this review with talk of it being the summertime and needing some summery music to pass the time as I lazed in my pool doing my best Dustin Hoffman impersonation. As I write this, it’s still raining and hopes of seeing the sun again have all but diminished. In any case, I’m going to listen to this album, and pretend it isn’t crappy outside.

Coming six years after the release of their debut EP, Reverie Sound Revue have released their first full-fledged album. With the members of the band strewn about Canada, the album was largely created via correspondence over the past several years. Vocalist Lisa Lobsinger may be better known for her stint in Broken Social Scene acting as a touring substitute for the absent Leslie Feist, Emily Haines, or Amy Millan. To my knowledge she hasn’t had a song of her own to sing, which is a shame because she’s excellent on this album. Of course immediately after I type this, my iPod decides to play ‘Antique Bull’ from Brendan Canning’s Something for All of Us…, which clearly features her on vocals.

Compared to the other BSS songstresses,  her voice has a subdued, ethereal quality to it, particularly on album opener ‘An Anniversary Away’. A soft jazzy feeling permeates the album, making it a great, easy listen. Songs range from the bouncy pop of ‘We Are the Opposite of Thieves’ and ‘You Don’t Exist If I Don’t See You’ to more intimate numbers such as ‘Off Rooftops’ and ‘The Leisure Lost.’

The band isn’t supporting the album on a traditional tour, instead releasing several performance videos across the blogosphere over the summer. You can view the stops so far at Chromewaves, MBV, Buzzgrider, and The Tape Is Not Sticky.

Reverie Sound Revue – An Anniversary Away
Reverie Sound Revue – We are the Opposite of Thieves
Reverie Sound Revue – Off Rooftops

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