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André Allen Anjos, aka RAC, has made a name for himself by creating some of the most evocative and creative remixes in the music world. Each remix he puts out masterfully grasps the most important aspects of the original song, all the while giving it an entirely fresh and fluid sound. It makes sense, then, that Anjos is finally venturing into the realm of original content, the first taste of which is his debut single ‘Hollywood’. The song, which features vocals from Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover, was a seamless evolution from the remixes RAC has been making for the past several years, taking those experiences and applying it to a made-from-scratch song. The result is an incredibly catchy and wholly indelible piece of music, one that, from start to finish, is tirelessly enjoyable and simply fun to listen to.

During his recent tour, RAC made a stop in Vancouver, performing at the city’s famous Waldorf Hotel. Before the show, Adrian McCavour of Some Kind of Awesome and I had the opportunity to chat with Anjos about all things RAC: his approach to remixes, how he has applied that to original content, his singing abilities, and future releases.

Adrian McCavour: Each remix you put out, carries the intent of the original song, but takes it to a whole new level with a more fluid sound. What approach do you take when creating a remix?

André Allen Anjos: With the remix, it’s kind of like writing a new song. I know that people don’t perceive it that way, or people don’t think anything is original, but it’s kind of like taking out what makes it that song – whether its structure, or a hook, or one of the main things – and then building around that. It’s really about what’s important in that song, and changing the rest, because the rest is irrelevant and interchangeable. That’s kinda what it is, on a practical level it is a lot of time just listening to the song and figuring out what’s important.

Alec Ross: When making a song on your own, is the approach more difficult? Is there anything different in the process?

André: The only real difference is how much pressure I put on myself, because with remixes, normally you’re working with ridiculous deadlines and a lot of the times you just wing it. Sometimes it’s kind of crazy to have a remix I listen to and think “Oh man I wish I had more time for that”, but it doesn’t work out that way. With this it was different because I had all the time in the world and I didn’t have deadlines and I could do whatever I wanted. It was really fun, it was just more pressure on myself. Working with Chris [Glover] was great, that was the easiest part of it.

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