‘Trains to Brazil’ is a great song, and it made me rather obsessed with Guillemots for awhile. Then I got the EP for cheap at Sunrise Records and enjoyed it, but once again focused on that song, and then kind of forgot about them. I meant to check out their LP Through the Windowpane, but it got lost in the shuffle. And suddenly I find out they have a new album, Red, out and a killer new single. So basically what I’m saying is: I’m sorry Guillemots. I haven’t given you the respect you deserve. I promise I’ll make it right. Yet another band to add to the recent Britpop kick I’m on.

Guillemots – Get Over It

And this has nothing to do with Britpop, but Man Man’s new album is going to be something special. For your listening pleasure, this is ‘Top Drawer’. Enjoy the weird. I can’t wait for Rabbit Habits.

Man Man – Top Drawer

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Tapes 'n' Tapes

In order to mark the end of this momentous month, I figured a diverse mix of one-off love and non-love tunes that I really enjoy would be appropriate. First off is from a band that I have previously repped on this site, Animal Collective.  While I stand by my previous statement that Avey Tare is the weaker singer on Strawberry Jam, I picked up the bands previous release Feels, and was blown away by both the uniqueness of his vocals and lyrics, which give an impression of stream of consciousness despite the evident thought that went into the construction of images and metaphors.  Grass is easily the most ‘single-worthy’ track on the record, and for good reason – its beautiful, jarring, and honest.

Animal Collective – Grass

Next up are the sweet European melodies of a 22 year old from New York, Zach Condon, known also as Beirut.  The most recent long player, The Flying Cup Club, is a solid collection of songs.  The word swoon gets thrown around a lot in reference to different music, but I definitely think it can accurately describe this track, A Sunday Smile.

Beirut – A Sunday Smile

Finally Tapes ‘n’ Tapes probably get a bit more attention than they deserve, but its not completely without warrant.  The Loon contains a few throw away tracks, but the majority of the songs really get me, especially Manitoba.

Tapes ‘n’ Tapes – Manitoba

And now for the explicitly non-love songs.  First comes Man Man.  The word crazy, much like swoon, gets overused to describe music, so I won’t use it here.  Instead, I will say this – I am absolutely terrified of Man Man. Stay away from my house, but make more songs like this.

Man Man – Black Mission Goggles

Lil’ Wayne is a God.  No two ways about it.  I can’t express how serious I am when I say this.  This qualifies as a non-love song cause he took Young Jeezy‘s ‘I Luv It’ and turned it from terrible to excellent (PUNtacular).

Lil’ Wayne – Blooded

Finally, this song is a little old, but nothing says ‘love’ like a song about strippers.  Thanks to The Faint!

The Faint – Worked Up So Sexual

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