Last week I posted twelve of my recent favourite tracks, seven of which were by Californians, earning the mixtape the name California Sunrise. It varied from electropop to reggae and soca-infused funk and there’s an equal variety to be found in part 2 of the Summer mixtape series. If part 1 was the build-up, then part 2 is the break-down. I’ve tried to stack this mix with a few more mellow jams on the back-end, to pair with those inevitable late-July lamentations of the “summer’s half over already!” variety. Youth Lagoon is a fantastic band name and a fictitious place that I’d like to go to one day. If I did, here’s what I imagine it would sound like:

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Trey Songz vs. Cut Copy – Invented You Now (The Hood Internet Mash-Up)

I don’t think I know how to make a mix without a good Hood Internet mash-up. Here the duo take Cut Copy’s ‘Need You Now’ from their fantastic new album Zonoscope and mix it with R&B crooner Trey Songz’ immortal ‘You Gon Think I Invented Sex’. I watched an interview where Songz decoded his metaphorical lyrics for the audience, explaining that “the song is about how I lay pipe so good that you gon think I invented sex, even though I didn’t, feel me?” Yes Trey, we feel you. Particularly when the vocals from your track with Canadian-pride Drake are over-top of this brilliantly chopped up Cut Copy beat.

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UPDATE: This contest is now closed, the winner has been notified by email.

Take a chance on Givers. This fine quintet from Lafayette, Louisiana began with long-standing friendships predicated on their musical inclinations dating back to high school, but through the years had never managed to share a stage or studio together. When a last minute cancellation at a friend’s gig created a slot for an opener, the group took a chance and hopped on stage for a completely improvised first set together. The chemistry was insane, and after a few months of playing and recording together, indie deities Dirty Projectors took a chance on them bringing the band on tour in the Fall of 2009. This proved to be the break they needed, as Givers went from obscurity to appearing on several “bands to watch” lists all over this very internet in early 2010. The buzz is going strong as Givers released their debut album In Light this week.

So join the good company of Givers, Dirty Projectors, the Internet, and myself in taking a chance on these guys. Courtesy of Embrace, we’ve got two tickets for you to see Givers in Toronto at their show with Pepper Rabbit and 1, 2, 3 at the Garrison on Tuesday, June 21. More info here. To enter to win, email with “Up Up Up” in the subject line and your full name somewhere in the body. Contest closes Friday, June 17 at midnight.

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