Burial & Four Tet

Late last week, news emerged that the previously anonymous yet still reclusive dubstep producer Burial (recently discovered to be a low key Londoner by the name of Will Bevan) and eclectic electronic mastermind Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) would be releasing a split 12” on Hebden’s TEXT label called Moth / Wolf Cub. Very little information has been released on the project as of yet, but a copy of the full A-Side has been floating around online, along with a clip of the B-Side.

Burial & Four Tet – Moth
Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Cub (Preview)

Listening to ‘Moth’ and ‘Wolf Cub’, it becomes difficult to tell which one is the Burial track and which is the Four Tet track, or if, as I sincerely hope, the two producers are working together. The glitchy electronic melody found on ‘Moth’ automatically reminds me of Four Tet’s previous work, particularly on Everything Ecstatic, while the “girl next door” vocal samples and beat are unmistakably a contribution from Burial. This confusion is furthered on ‘Wolf Cub’, where a driving dubstep beat ripped from Burial’s self titled release is paired with digitally manipulated chimes that scream of Hebden’s recent work with Steve Reid. While I’m guessing that ‘Moth’ is a Burial track and ‘Wolf Cub’ is a Four Tet endeavor, I sincerely hope that the two are collaborating on the same tracks. If Burial and Four Tet have worked together on these tracks, this means that two of electronic music’s most original and engaging producers may have subsequent releases in the works, together. Get excited.

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— , May 5, 2009    5 Comments