Black Mold - Chad Vangaalen

Polaris nominee and musician extraordinaire Chad VanGaalen has released a collection of experimental electronic sounds created, recorded and brought to us from the depths of his basement. Although he’s been releasing under his own name (to great acclaim) for several years, CVG has released the album Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz under the alias Black Mold.

Black Mold is a pretty evocative name for a basement production, in the “I’m really worried for this guy’s health if he’s not bleaching this stuff” kind of way. My mind is involuntarily swimming with fears of whatever else is living in that basement, but in the meantime I’ll focus on the music. It’s a collection of ideas that VanGaalen has put together using everything from crazy synthesizers to traditional instruments (like clarinets!) to pots and pans, and everything in between. Included with the album purchase is bonus access to a hundred or so other tracks, accessible online.

Snow Blindness isn’t exactly an album, and the tracks aren’t exactly songs. Each track seems to capture merely a thought or a whisper of a full idea. Like a scrapbook full of partial drawings or a writer’s Moleskin of random ideas, this album sounds more like VanGaalen’s version of the Charlie Chaplin tapes – snippets of brilliance. But unlike Chaplin, VanGaalen hasn’t put any of the tracks, or indeed the whole album together to create a solid piece of work with a beginning, start or end. Instead, his listeners are given the opportunity to engage in his mental regurgitation in its rawest form.

Black Mold – Rotten Walls
Black Mold – No Dream Nation

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