With all the scientific literature and research papers I’ve had to read within the last year, my time for pleasure reading has diminished significantly. I’ve been meaning to rectify that. I recently finished reading Things the Grandchildren Should Know by Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E, frontman for the Eels. E’s troubles have been notably documented in his many songs and albums, but this memoir presents the first time E tells his story in print. The book is written in a straightforward tone, beginning with his childhood as son of a renowned physicist, continuing until present day. It’s an interesting look into the mind of one of today’s great artists, filled with stories of the creative process, along with amusing anecdotes about such famous musicians as Elliott Smith and Tom Waits.  E has always been a good storyteller, and it’s proven to be a good read. I highly recommend it.

Eels – Spunky
Eels – I Like Birds
Eels – Things the Grandchildren Should Know


— , January 6, 2009    3 Comments

I’m reaaaaly liking this. Everett’s voice sounds super familiar…do you know if has any other projects…?

I super like I Like Birds…esp this part…”I like…*tap tap* birds.” =)

— Dona, January 6, 2009

Nah, aside from a few solo albums and MC Honky, it’s really just been Eels.
If you’re not familiar with the Eels at all, it’s probably from movie soundtracks. The Shreks, Road Trip, Grosse Pointe Blank, there’s been a ton.

Kevin, January 7, 2009

I had no idea that E. had a book! Thanks for the tip, Kevin.

And Dona, maybe you would recognize “Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues”, which is the song from Road Trip (which I actually haven’t seen), or potentially “Novocaine for the Soul”. Both of these got airtime on the radio when they were first released:

Sabrina, January 9, 2009