The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids are probably the hottest new thing to come out of Chicago. Self-described as “the new Black version of the Beastie Boys,” they’re hip hop for hipsters, hipster-hop you might say. BMX bikes, stunna shades, fruity pebbles, “with a little bit of gold and a pager.” This is the kind of stuff they rap about, spat over a minimalist beat to accentuate their catchy rhyming schemes. They’re not interested in pimpin or slappin hoes. As their name suggests, they’re more interested in just being cool. Trendy without trying.

The Cool Kids – 88

This track is a salute to the freshest era of hip hop with an anthemic chorus from a line in Nas’ “Made You Look”. It’s mostly a rapper’s brag, but instead of showing off how hard or street they are, they school wack emcees on how to be cool. Modern day fly machines. Graduates of Cooley High. They show off just how fresh they are with comparisons to Will Smith and references to the Safety Dance.

The Cool Kids – Gold And A Pager (Klevers Moon Walk Remix)
The Cool Kids vs. Starski – Stunnas On

These other two songs are from their Collected & Compiled Mixtape. They’ve had one EP out for a while (Totally Flossed Out) and have recently released another (The Bake Sale) just a week ago. They don’t really care for release dates, and said that we can expect their album to drop “When Fish Ride Bicycles” … okay no, they didn’t really say that. They said it would be sometime this year. But that’s what the name of their album was reported to be.

They will also be performing at the Rock the Bells concert, with another of my chi-town favorites, Kid Sister, and not to mention a bunch of other hip hop legends and heavy weights.


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can’t wait to listen to these tracks, 88 is a good place to be.

Daniel, May 28, 2008