There’s a lot of awesome bands in Seattle. A lot of them are my favorite bands. I’m not sure what it is about the west coast, I just relate to the music there more or something, but the one that is grabbing my attention the most right now is the band that is Telekinesis.

Their songs are bright and full of life, and perfect for the summertime. They put on a warm and care free feeling of pop songs, with melodies that present the songs so perfect. I’ve had front man Michael Lerner’s melodies stuck in my head through out the summer of ’08, which was really fitting while spending a week in Seattle. They just finished recording their debut LP in Two Sticks Audio, with Chris Walla as producer. I think Walla knows how to make albums pretty awesome. If you’re not ready for fall, check out their MySpace. It’s got some fun videos of fun in the studio.

Telekinesis – Coast of Carolina


— , October 8, 2008    2 Comments

i said turn it up, turn it up!

— Taha, October 8, 2008

This is so fun

I’m really digging these guys. Thanks Kyle.

— Sal, October 9, 2008