The Stills’ 3rd album, Oceans Will Rise, is on its way this August, and the first single, ‘Being Here,’ has made its way onto the interweb. After Dave Hamelin assumed the majority of vocal duties on Without Feathers, it’s refreshing to hear Tim Fletcher’s voice taking centre stage again. Hopefully that trend continues on the new album. Though Without Feathers grew on me somewhat, it still doesn’t hold a candle to Logic Will Break Your Heart. The song harkens back to those days with the soaring guitars and whatnot. I like this.

Hypemachine Link: The Stills – Being Here


— , June 1, 2008    2 Comments

Oh man, 56K. I’m totally there too.

— BriD, June 2, 2008

Dead on about the first album reigning supreme. But I saw the problem with the second album as boring guitars, not so much the vocals. Can’t wait to hear the track.

Daniel, June 3, 2008