The Lodger

Anyone who knows my music taste (or has heard me talk non-stop about what I’m into) knows that I love The Lodger. Love. Their first album Grown-Ups was to me the best album of 2007. It’s perfect guitar pop for anyone who’s ever wondered if “this is what life is all about” while listening to “Wan Light” by Orange Juice.

But sometimes I never want a sophomore album to come out because it just diminishes my holy view of a debut. I don’t know if Life Is Sweet, The Lodger’s second album due out May 19, will be as perfect as its predecessor, but the first single “The Good Old Days” has got me excited. It’s being released by Bad Sneakers Records, home to the equally excellent Wild Beasts, whose debut album is sure to be overplayed on my stereo when it finally comes out. But back to the good old days. Imagine if the Mystery Jets tried to record a Saint Etienne song. Nuff said.


— , April 7, 2008    1 Comment

Daniel, have more optimism than that. The single sounds great. I remember you introduced me to grown-ups way back when, and i fell in love as well. I’m looking forward to ‘Life is sweet’. Life is sweet.

— Taha, April 8, 2008