To go along with the rest of the blogosphere, here is a track from Islands’ forthcoming Arm’s Way. Islands really turned me off a few years back when they played a show here in London. Perhaps it was Nick Diamonds/Thorburn/ Whatever-he’s-calling-himself-these-days being aloof, a bit of an ass, and the general lack of staying power of Return to the Sea that irked me, but I’m really feeling this new song. A darker turn from the previous sugary pop, more ‘Humans’ than ‘Rough Gem’ (which they’ve apparently disowned), Creeper somehow manages to be the catchiest song about a stalker I can remember.

Islands – Creeper

Arm’s Way is out May 20 on Anti.

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— , April 2, 2008    Comments Off on New Islands Single from Arm’s Way: Creeper