Post-punk was one of the most creative periods in music history, and lucky for us it still hasn’t ended. But being that it was so creative, there were so many styles of post-punk; it could be funk/r&b (with a sax to boot), it could be electronica, it could be absolutely tuneless, and/or it could be personal and harrowing. And most forms came with my favourite ingredient: angular riffs. There is no doubt in my mind that the premier champions of the later form were Joy Division. And with everyone going ga ga over everything post-punk in the new millenium since The Strokes and The Rapture made it cool again, there are three bands which truly perfected the sound which Joy Division started in Manchester so many years ago. Those bands are The Organ, The Stills, and Interpol. I just love this selection because not only do I think it’s accurate, but also two of the bands are Canadian. The Organ broke up earlier this year, The Stills second album showed a departure from the sound which I said they had perfected, but Interpol is still kicking.

Although very few of the details have been confirmed, Interpol will be releasing their third album Moderation on June 5. There is no touring scheduled yet, except for an appearance at Coachella, and we don’t know much else. But this is exciting news, and Ca Va Cool will keep updating as new information is revealed.


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— ANNA, December 28, 2008

que mal me siento, mi banda favorita, la mejor de todas se disuelve y lo que es peor: paul banks sigue con la estupida de Helena Cristensen, esto si es para llorar, ah!!! pero los sigo amando y apoyando incondicionalmente, nada ni nadie los podra sustitur nunac, de verdad: besos a los cuatro: Paul, Sam Carlos & Daniel. Son lo maximo, lo mejor…

— bOnnie banks de pattinsOn, October 22, 2009

The last comment is too amazing not to translate for our English readers. I’ve tried below:

“I feel terrible, my favourite band, the best of all has broken up and the worst part: paul bank is still with stupid Helena Cristensen, this is worth crying over, ah!!! but I’ll keep loving and supporting them unconditionally, nothing and no one will ever replace them, truthfully; kiss to the four of them: Paul, Sam Carlos & Daniel. You’re the greatest, the best…”

Sorry about the tenses Bonnie.

Daniel, October 22, 2009

I felt the same way about Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard.

Kevin Kania, October 22, 2009

alright! gone at last. how many joy division clones can the human mind endure, I mean joy division weren’t good, no matter how cool people think they look when they wear their tshirt

— oh really, October 23, 2009

joy division weren’t good, “good”, is a state of mind ma friend, a bannnana split, shit sandwich may not be, “good”, but hey, it is, fn, BEAutifullll… :)

Rick tombras, March 11, 2010