Kate Jackson

That’s right kids, The Long Blondes will be releasing the follow-up to the truly excellent modern classic Someone to Drive You Home. The new album, Couples, will be preceded by the first single “Century” on March 24. Once again, it’s sure to be packed with references to old hollywood movies and 1960s fashionistas, with edgy, rocking guitars to boot. I haven’t found any of the songs yet, so enjoy “Swalloo Tattoo” from the debut and the hidden gem b-side “Fulwood Babylon”.

The Long Blondes – Swallow Tattoo
The Long Blondes – Fulwood Babylon

El Perro del Mar

And since it just wouldn’t be a Daniel post without something Swedish, I’m happy to announce that El Perro del Mar (Sarah Assbring) will be releasing the little sister (I could have said giving birth, but this metaphor is bad enough already) to 2005’s Look! It’s El Perro del Mar, which was simply self-titled in North America. The first single from From the Valley to the Stars is “How Did We Forget.” The horns kick ass, I’m talking “I Don’t Want to Cry” by Chuck Jackson kick ass. I’ll just throw that one in too.

El Perro del Mar – How Did We Forget
El Perro del Mar – Here Comes That Feeling

Chuck Jackson – I Don’t Want to Cry

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Really? I like The Islands better than The Unicorns. But then again, I also liked Animal Collective more than Panda Bear.

— Bri, February 18, 2008