The Cribs

The Cribs’ third album Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever will be released on May 21. The Alex Kopranos (of Franz Ferdinand) produced album will be preceded by the single “Men’s Needs”, the video for which can be seen below. The song definitely lives up to some of their best singles like “You’re Gonna Lose Us” and “You Were Always the One”. They’re on their North American tour supporting the album right now so I can’t wait to check them out next Saturday in Toronto.


— , April 21, 2007    3 Comments

that first video “men’s needs” is so great. you think she really is naked? man, what a shit disturber she is.

— Taha, April 24, 2007

Thanks for the recommendation. I never got into them when the first album came out. So I went to see the Cribs last night at the Independent in San Francisco. Top notch performance! New songs were good. They were opening for Birdmonster who were surprisingly good, and really good performers.

— teenage kicks, April 27, 2007

birdmonster, never heard of them. do you have any recommends from them?

Taha, May 6, 2007