Laura Marling

A friend of mine suggested I listen to the new Mystery Jets album, so I checked out the single ‘Young Love’. It’s fun Britpop, but it didn’t really hit me until Laura Marling started singing.

I think I’m in love. Intrigued, I immediately sought out her album Alas, I Cannot Swim and, expecting more bouncy pop music, found some of the best folk music I’ve heard in some time. I was also surprised to learn she’s only eighteen. Beautiful and haunting, Ghosts is a song I’m going to be listening to for some time.

Laura Marling – Ghosts

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— , March 24, 2008    5 Comments

Yes! I’ve been loving this song for a few weeks now, you beat me to the pen. Really good even before, Laura kicks in, but definitely adds a bit when she joins the band. Will definitely check out her album!

After hearing how shitty the new Young Knives album is, its good to hear that the holy British guitar still lives. Take that electro!

Daniel, March 25, 2008

have u heard the shoes remix of la chanson? its fun.

— Justine, March 25, 2008

Is it just me or does the first guitarist look like Edward Scissorhands?

Either way, if anybody likes this single, they should waste no time in getting the first Good Shoes LP Think Before You Speak.

Daniel, March 25, 2008

If the terrible haircut fits…

— Kevin, March 25, 2008

it is a great song and an even greater haircut. don’t hate. im going to take a picture of the haircut to Hong Kong Unisex Hair Stylist this sunday…

‘you wrote your number on my hand and it came off in the rain’ talk about tragedy!

— Taha, March 26, 2008