John Vanderslice is well known around the independent music scene as one of the nicest guys in the indie music scene. After his show in Toronto at the El Mocambo last month, I would have to agree. I was set to sell his merchandise for the night, and as I arrived early, he invited me to go out to dinner with him and his band. You can talk to him like you’re an old friend, and is one of the most sincere guys I’ve met. After the show he makes sure to meet anyone who sticks around, and has hugs for everyone.

His new LP, “Emerald City”, is a beautiful follow up to his highly acclaimed Pixel Revolt. It’s filled with perfect pop songs, that are filled with his distinctive style of melody and observations. The title of Emerald City comes from the “Green Zone” in downtown Baghdad. The album has a political tone to it, but without being right in your face about it, wich is always nice. This is Vanderslice’s 6th full length LP, and is a perfect starting point if you have yet to listen to him.

I cannot say enough nice things about him, so here’s a track off his new album to listen for your self. And maybe go pick up the album.

John Vanderslice – White Dove


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