The Clientele

The most true advocates of 60s pop in music today. It’s true, but they haven’t ignored history since then, adding in the melodic sensiblities of Galaxie 500, Felt, Television, etc. The first time you hear The Clientele it’s not hard to confuse them with a band actually from the 60s. Well, this time around they’ve added a girl, Mel Draisey, on strings making their arrangements ever more lush (Sorry I couldn’t find an updated picture of the band), and will be releasing the new songs as God Save The Clientele! on May 8. Here’s a sneak peak of the album.

The Clientele – Bookshop Casanova

Check them out on their North American tour soon (details on their MySpace). And if you still can’t get enough, go and buy Suburban Light, their “Singles and Beyond” collection.


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