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There is no timely reason for this post, only to inform you that E is a genius and anyone who dislikes the Eels loses some serious cool points in my books. I defy you to listen to the album Electro-Shock Blues and tell me that is not a mind-altering piece of art. Beauty, love, sorrow, life, death. This album covers all of that. Well, mostly death, but still, this is one of my desert-island albums, if it came to that.

Plus, the video for Last Stop: This Town features a singing carrot. That’s what being signed to Dreamworks Records got you, when it existed.


— , August 5, 2008    5 Comments

Eels get a lot of bad press for some reason (granted, some of the albums in the middle are a bit scattered). I still love Beautiful Freak (the whole album). And there’s some other gems, including “Fresh Feeling”.

— BriD, August 8, 2008

I’ll admit Souljacker and Shootenanny! were kind of weak, especially in comparison to the first three albums, but Blinking Lights was a pretty strong return to form.

— Kevin, August 8, 2008

Definitely agree! Hey, do you remember when they used to play “Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues” on FM96? They ended up having a morning show about the song, because so many people were calling in complaining about the lyrics “Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day”.

Then… FM96 discovered Nickelback, and everything went to hell.

— BriD, August 12, 2008

Jesus, where do you people live? Haha.

Daniel, August 12, 2008

Oh London, your population is so easily offended.
I fear the chants of Holy Fuck that will take over Victoria Park this fall will cause a minor uproar.

That’s probably the only case I can think of where the hit single was a hidden track on the album.

Kevin, August 12, 2008