Ed Records, Vol III will be released May 26th. It feels too far away. I don’t like waiting. Especially not for something that I know will be génial. In the mean time Feadz has put together a little mash-up of what is to come and it is so so yummy. It is Steak-Frites deliciousness.

Also, Uffie is getting married to some lamo named Andre?! She is supposed to marry Feadz!!! They were Ed Records lovebirds and he is pretty much responsible for her career! In the words of Full House‘s Stephanie Tanner, how rude! Anyways, I could continue this rant all day long but instead I’ll leave you with the teaser.

Ed Banger Records – Ed Rec Vol III Teasers

— , April 21, 2008    2 Comments

no! Uffie and Feadz were supposed to be like our generation’s Sonny and Cher, or something – I refuse to believe it.

i’m so pumped for this album. How sick do Robot Oeuf, and Pocket Piano sound? Soo sick.

— Sal, April 21, 2008

agreed. and i like the lyrics of busy p’s song. about blogs and hipsters and LA haha. so COOL.

— Justine, April 21, 2008