Dance Yourself to Death

I first heard Dance Yourself to Death for the first time when I was volunteering as a stage hand at the NXNE music festival in Toronto this past summer.  It was the second of the three nights I worked at the Cameron House, and just by the name of the band I thought it was going to be something I would enjoy. After talking to Jen from the band, I was caught off guard when she took the mic since I didn’t know she was the singer, but after the first couple of bars I was sold. I bought their 4 song EP that night and it became a regular listen over the summer.

Their songs sound like they can fill arenas opening for a mid-80’s Bruce Springsteen or Genesis, or some pop rock band of that era. The melodies are catchy and backed with lyrics interesting enough to grab attention. I ran into Jen again a week or so ago at a Land of Talk concert,  and found out that they have their first LP due out next Wednesday, so check out iTunes or go to their myspace for more details.

Dance Yourself to Death – Living Funeral


— , January 27, 2009    1 Comment

it’s been pretty difficult to find and get to download one! thanks!

— mikki, March 12, 2009