Forgive me hipsters, indie scenesters and other high-brow readers of the blog, I’m about to commit a cardinal sin of the underground blogosphere – I’m about to blog about Coldplay. I wouldn’t typically, but I’m a huge fan of their new song ‘Violet Hill’, and have been listening to it on repeat for the last 28 hours when it was posted on the band’s site for free download, for a week only.

As always, Chris Martin’s lyrics are a combination of poetic, meaningful, meaningless and singalongy:

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below

When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

The song, like the rest of the band’s upcoming album, was produced by legend Brian Eno, who has time and time again been enlisted by bands, like U2, to change their sounds and styles. ‘Violet Hill’ is definitely somewhat of a departure from Coldplay’s typical style, and it kind of excites me for their upcoming album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, due June 17th.

Since being posted 24hours ago, the song has been downloaded 600,000 times, and has pointed out that the Coldpay figures are a record, exceeding even the most popular track from the Radiohead album that was streamed for free back in October. That notched up 22,000 listens in 12 hours. Ok – that’s all I’ll say about Coldplay – promise.

Coldplay – Violet Hill
Coldplay – A Spell a Rebel Yell


— , April 30, 2008    2 Comments

fuck the hipsters. You shouldn’t have to feel bad “blogging” about a band you like.

That song is fantastic. It has an 80s feel that really flows with Martin’s voice.

The compulsion you felt to apologize is everything that is wrong with the current musical scene. Stand proud!

— Readas, April 30, 2008

I think Coldplay was once ‘hip’ in the Parachutes and Rush of Blood to the Head-era. The hipsters turned on them after X&Y came out for some reason.

I’ve always been pretty lukewarm about Coldplay, but I will say that they age well. It’s usually the massive overplaying of their songs that ends up annoying me. Years later, I can listen to Yellow without wanting to strangle someone.

IN CONCLUSION: This song’s alright.

Kevin, May 1, 2008