Hi, my name’s Will. This is my first time, so I hope it’s a lot like how it sounded in health class. I’m very fond of pretty much everything on this site but I tend to think the most interesting things coming out these days are in the more danceable genres suitable for sweaty upstairs dance parties. So every Wednesday I’ll try and rock this spot with some tracks that you might have ducked and maybe shouldn’t. All bangers no busters. Modern science has proven that the weekend starts on Wednesday, and if you play out some of this wildlife you’ll be sure to have a good one.

Here’s a mega-post starter kit to kick things off. Like a store-bought veggie and dip platter, what this post lacks in freshness it makes up for in variety. Future Wednesdays will be more current (which, currently, would be futuristic).

Giddyup. So sometimes I’ll rock out some disgustingly fun original tracks. Sonny Jim’s “Can’t Stop Moving” was one of my favourite jams of the summer, and Sneaky Sound System’s “UFO” is some durrtay electro-pop that’ll make you shake all the way from Australia.

Sonny Jim – Can’t Stop Moving

Sneaky Sound System – UFO

I also enjoy remixes and mashups. Some would say too much. In fact I like remixes so much that I’m writing a term paper on them right now. And mashups these days are not your grandmother’s mashups. Some are very good, and none smell like patchouli. So here’s some remixes and mashups guaranteed to romance her.

M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (DJ Marlboro Funk Carioca Remix)

Rick Ross feat. The Pipettes – Hustlin’ (Tyler Fedchuk Mix)

Gucci Mane feat. Ludacris – Freaky Gurl (Cousin Cole’s Super Freaky Mix)

And speaking of your grandmother, or mine at least, do you ever feel like sometimes it all gets a bit too fast? Too current? Too loud? If somebody tells you to “turn down that danged racket”, but you don’t want to stop dancing, I’ll be here to help.

Klaxons – Not Over Yet (Gentlemen Drivers Remix ft. Soko)

Celestial Choir – Stand on the Word

Especially don’t sleep on that last one. In fact, don’t ever sleep; you could be dancing. Hope you enjoyed the taste test. Even better things to come next week.

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