Is it me or is every day Super this week? In any event, I’m super, thanks for asking. Actually I was in Montreal over the weekend sitting in my new favourite little resto in the world, La Faim du Monde, and decided that all I ever wanted to hear from now on was quiet, interesting folk music from all around the world. But fast-forward to later that night and I find myself in the middle of a hipster dance club introducing myself to this fellow (warning: explicit everything), and two days later I’m back to blasting power ballads by Roxette on repeatte all day. Le plus ca change?

Unfortunately, probably the only thing I have in common with David Byrne is that we both like occasionally dropping French phrases for no apparent reason. I meant to share this track by White Girl Lust with you a while back, but I just plum forgot. Psycho Killer has always been one of my favourite songs and he does some fun things with it, including slipping in a little bit of everybody’s favourite French duo. No, not Tintin and Milou… Daft Punk.

White Girl Lust – Psycho Killa (Daft Mix)

This track is absolutely hulking out on the information superhighway, but I figured I’d post it up anyway in case you’ve been sleeping on it. I don’t know the first thing about PNAU but Ladyhawke is an amazing artist who I stumbled on last summer when I confused her with a Vancouver band I really like, Ladyhawk. The other reason I threw this in is so I don’t get crucified by Brat Kimono, housemate and charter member of the Boy Luck Club, who loves this song more than he loves nature documentaries.

PNAU ft. Ladyhawke – Embrace

This is just a modern mashup, but it’s a really rad one. Seb Tellier came out with the fantastic “Sexual Sportswear” last year, and now it’s been mixed with Eric B & Rakim’s seminal hip-hop classic, “I Know You Got Soul”. If I’m not mistaken, the Kleptones also made a fantastic track out of these rhymes on their album of Queen mixes, A Night at the Hip-Hopera. But I couldn’t be bothered to go dig it up and find it again.

Sebastien Tellier vs. Eric B & Rakim – Soul Sportswear

The top ten have been released for Yelle’s remix contest for her track “Ce Jeu”. I don’t know who will win but my favourite is the Twelves’ take on it.

Yelle – Ce Jeu (The Twelves Remix)

I gave a brief shout-out to this contest and others like it in a paper I wrote on digital music, which is now about two months old, but I had intended to post up and forgot to. So, here it is for anyone interested. It’s in PDF format, so you shouldn’t have any trouble reading it, unless you never learned how, in which case this sentence really isn’t necessary, is it?

Assessing the Potential for Democratized and Decentralized Consumption in Recombinant Digital Music

If you haven’t noticed yet, I like ending with something a little funkier and older. In honour of yesterday being Mardi Gras and me feeling nostalgic, here’s the track that drove us the whole way down to New Orleans this time last year. If this doesn’t warm your soul you might want to get that checked out.

Harold Dejan’s Olympia Brass Band – Mardi Gras in New Orleans

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Thanks for my “Soul Sportswear” bootleg ;-)
Mr JiM

— Mr JiM, February 7, 2008

Oh, that Brat and his obsessions with female rockers. And male rockers, for that matter. He selfishly tried to pimp me off to Joel Plaskett during the summer. Great tunes this week, Willster.

— Bri, February 7, 2008