I’m kinda feeling rock ‘n’ roll this week but I’m also kinda feeling like I have an exam tonight. Regardless of how bogus said exam may be, I’m going to keep things brief. Cazals are rocking that Kitsune scene, but I prefer this version to the one on the new comp. Also, the content is vaguely apropos given my current situation.

Cazals – To Cut a Long Story Short (Xtopher Fiction Remix)

I wasn’t sure anything could top the remix of The Gossip’s Yr Mangled Heart that Linus Loves did ages ago now, but Guns ‘N’ Bombs came pretty close with this new one they dropped a few weeks back.

The Gossip – Yr Mangled Heart (Guns ‘N’ Bombs Trashbags Remix)

The new Hot Chip album, Made in the Dark, is great from start to finish. It’s also a fair amount more bangin’, which is good if you’re a fan of things like movement and fun. My favourite track is “Out at the Pictures”, but I don’t really want to get sued, so you get to make do with this one that’s been more widely released. There’s a few remixes floating around for this song but the original is still the one.

Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor

Speaking of lawsuits, the Bloody Beetroots have been responsible for a lot of great songs (including that remix of “She’s a Maniac” that I’ve played and danced wildly to at probably every single event this year), but this time they went and done did up an old Metallica track, “Search and Destroy”. Metallica, notorious fans of file-sharing, would no doubt be thrilled to see this posted. Assuming they still have a pulse.

The Bloody Beetroots – Ill To Destroy

And finally, much as I love Rick Ross, there can be only one Boss: Bruce Springsteen. A lot of people are doing best songs of the year type lists right now, and this one occupies slots 1-10 for me. You can decide for yourself how serious I am.

Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere

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— , December 19, 2007    1 Comment

Omg. New Hot Chip leaked! You’re such a watchdog, Will.

— Bri, December 19, 2007