This ’09 year has gotten off to a great start. GLOBAMAMANIA! Some lesser in magnitude events but still worth mentioning: a FANTASTIC season premiere of 24. The previous seasons have been a bit lacking but the 2 hours x 2 days introduction of 24 back into my life was magnificent. I lalalalalala loooove Jack Bauer! ANNND Slumdog Millionaire won FOUR TIMES at the Golden Globes: best drama, best director (Danny Boyle), best screenplay (Simon Beaufoy) and best original score (A.R. Rahman). It is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time so check it out if you haven’t. Also, the soundtrack for this movie is SOLID. “Latika’s Theme” song broke my heart when it was played in the end…broooke my heaaaart.

Musically, ’09 has had many fanastic music releases already and some I’m suuuuuper looking forward to in a few months. WOOHOO!

The only disappointing album I’ve heard thus far is Franz Ferdinand’s – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.


It is really really really disappointing. Their debut self titled album in ’04 is amazing, and the follow-up You Could Have It So Much Better was not as great but still had the FF fundamentals: catchy hooks, basslines, and Kapronos’s melodic wailing and easy to wail along to lyrics. But I find this album is a huge change. And I am all for change! After all, this is the era of change…right?! But I just found myself SO BORED listening to this album, and trust me, I’ve given it many many chances. The FF fundamentals are gone and instead of disco rock for pop fiends it’s just dull rock. The only songs that catch my audioeye are “No You Girls”, the debut single “Ulysses” and “Lucid Dreams” which has a craaaaazy 4 minute ending unlike any FF song. I was hoping to put a new FF song in the mixtape but couldn’t be bothered, even all the ‘Ulysses’ remixes are a bore. Despite this disappointing LP for me…they are FANASTIC live. And guess where they have been confirmed to play?

That’s right. Coachella! WOOHOO! The lineup shall be released very soon, rumor has it being released on the 26th and I can’t wait. The already confirmed list is looking SUPERB and I’m getting bubbly giddy elated apocalyptically happy just thinking about the amazing times to be had. Yes ’09 has gotten off to a great start. So here’s a mixtape to celebrate.


*please relabel the following: song 08 should be song 20, song 20 should be song 21
*relabel and it should flow much better (sry I uploaded it before realising this error!)

North Obamaca Playlist:

01 Kanye West ft Common – Get ‘Em High (A-Trak Remix)


DAAAAAYYUUMMMM!!! Kanye, DJ Benzi, and Plain Pat worked together on this to form what is called the Sky High Remix Project (2009) which you can download here. It’s not a bad listen and features tons of artists like Lupe Fiasco, Common, Nas, Mos Def, Will. I. Am, and so on. Remixes I particularly enjoyed on this project were done by A-Trak (you can’t go wrong with this dude, one of my faves from Montreal!) and Diplo! This sounds like a less epic version of N.A.S.A.‘s material or Esau Mwamwaya and Radiocclit’s project fused with some Girl Talk action. Check it out…NOW!

02 Madcon – 2000’n’AA (…mmm more!)

03 Durrty Goodz – The Youngers


Dwayne Mahorn, aka Durrty Goodz is one of my fave grime artists and released one of the best records of this genre, Axiom, back in 2007. There’s lots of controvery surrounding Durrty Goodz and it all started with his bro and dad getting locked up in jail ’cause they killed some dude that dissed Durrty. Details are complicated and mostly unknown other than these “basic facts”. Despite not knowing the full details, this situation sparks the fuel that Durrty’s main rival, Wiley, uses in his disses and rap rebuttals. The songs are pretty good ‘though I prefer well-produced studio albums jaja. You Can follow the drama here. Or, prep yourself for Durtty’s upcoming album (in late January!) called Ultrasound

04 Two Fingers ft. Sway – What You Know


Two Fingers is composed of Amon Tobin and Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman. I don’t know much about Doubleclick. But I know lots about Amon Tobin. Of his many LPs and countless EPs, Bricolage is one of my favorite records ever produced. Ever. Amon Tobin and Doubleclick work together to fuse trip-hop, boneshattering bass dubstep, and grime. MMMMmm what a mixture. And who is the MC behind most of the music?! SWAY!!! Man, he’s one of my fave grime artists alongside Durrty Goodz, and Roll Deep. I believe the LP is set to come out around Feb-Apr. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM I’m excited!!! The short 3 song EP-ish EP is already miiiiindblowing. This LP is gon be monolithic.

05 The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (Hot Chip Remix)


The Pharcyde are classic. They are one of my favorite hip hop groups and released probably one of the best albums to come out of the 90’s and even today, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. Hot Chip’s remix of this is perfect, reminiscent of the Coming on Strong days. It’s surprising ’cause I didn’t think a remix of the original could actually be done ’cause it’s already so fantastic but Hot Chip has proved me wrong. Yup.

06 Iran – Buddy

Who is Iran? One Aron Aites, one TVOTR (Kyp Malone–serious beard), Peter Hoffman, and Aaron Romandello. Each of them do have their own projects but to be honest, I only care about Kyp Malone. This track comes off their third LP Dissolver (2009). I don’t think Dissolver is as good as their previous but it’s not a bad listen. A pretty good description: Iran take ultra catchy pop, and drag it through the detritus of lo-fi noise rock, picking up an ungodly assortment of buzz and blur and scuzz. Imagine a Pavement record on Siltbreeze. Or Sebadoh, if Lou Barlow was a jaded fuck instead of a sappy romantic. Or old Smog covering Skullflower. Or Harry Pussy playing Built To Spill. A beautifully cacophonous mess. Amazing…right? ‘Buddy” is one of my faves from Iran.

07 Late of the Pier – Random Firl


Late of the Pier released a fantastic though underrated album last year Fantasy Black Channel. It was produced by Erol Alkan people!!! I don’t need to say anymore.

08 Metronomy – the End of You Too


Metronomy are from England, consist of 3 band members, and have only started to scratch the surface with their second album, Nights Out. Yet another underrated album of ’08. I don’t remember seeing Nights Out on many lists but it really should have been. It is a fantastic IDM, electronic, pop, 8-bit filled album. Wonderfully catchy and perfect for having hop scotch dance parties! Ooooh yeah!

09 Modjo – Lady
Classic. So classic. I cannot believe this graced the BBC airwaves NINE years ago! Wow.

10 Res – They Say Vision (Robbie Riviera Remix)


Res pretty much dropped off the planet after her debut album How I Do back in 2001. Her voice is absolutely wonderful and in an interesting combination between alternative and soul r’n’b…she creates a coherent, listenable, and truly unique sound which unfortunately was slept on back in the day. ‘They Say Vision” I’d say is probably her best song and this remix is fantastic. But, you can check out the original too. Puuurdy.

11 Frankie Knuckles vs Animal Collective – Your Love My Girls


Love Frankie Knuckles. One of my fave Chi-town DJs along with Felix. I don’t have to say anything about Animal Collective as I’m sure most of you are intimately familar with Merriweather. If you thought “My Girls” sounded oddly familiar…it could be because it actually is an homage to the classic FK song “Your Love”! Frankie put them together and walla, glo glo glo gloooorious!

12 Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe

YESSS SMD have teased with a slotted ’09 album to be released! I don’t know the deets unfortunately but their myspace page was changed recently to reveal this (as far as I know). This version of “I Believe” is from the Kitsuné Maison 3 Compilation. Mmmm…Kitsuné.

13 The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

They released an album this year called Rules, a followup to the AMAZING Dreams LP. Just buy both albums to save us both time. The Whitest Boy Alive truly are wikkid awesome, are sort of like a softer, lounge-ier version of Cut Copy, and will defs blow up and be in the ’09 lists.

14 Röyksopp – Poor Leno


$%^$&$&!!@@#^&&&&& *dies* Yes yes they are back after a looooong loooong nearly 4 year hiatus. Their third album Junior will be released in March sometime. In the meanwhile, here a a few songs to keep you grounded in the meanwhile. This one’s from their first LP, Melody A.M.

15 Röyksopp – Circuit Breaker

From second LP, the Understanding.

16 Röyksopp – Happy Up Here

This is the single they released for their NEWWWW ALBUMMM !!! KFASF34%@^@$^!!!

17 Frankmusik – Done Done


I love Frankmusik. He’s from London and makes infectious synth pop! He’s done very little so far in terms of EP and LP releases but he’s been gaining momemtum in the past few years. I predict big fings big fingsssss from him in ’09!

18 Telefon Tel Aviv – Stay Away From Being Maybe


OOOO TTA!!! How I love thee!!! This Chicago based electronic group produces electronic music that isn’t for h-core dancing, raving, glow-sticking, yada yada yada. No, it’s more for seemingly meaningless activities which hold underlying grandiose significations. Cruising around the city, riding the bicycle to the park, sitting on the bench, staring at people in coffee shops, at a blank wall, at the dog taking a poo on that lamp-post. Our everyday proclivities seem simple, organized, uncomplicated, scheduled. They overshadow the subtle complexities, the minute spark and momentary chaos of the structures at work underneath. This is Telefon Tel Aviv. Their sound is ridiculously layered, so complex, so mechanical and technical in ways I didn’t think possible nor have been much exposed to. But the end product isn’t something as chaotic as one would think. It’s not overwhelming despite it’s rawness. Their first LP Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001) and second Map of What is Effortless (2004) truly stand by this definition. Five years later, the release of Immolate Yourself is quite different and shows a tremendous growth in sound. The production is still phenomenal, and the underlying tendencies are still there but TTA dabbles with some vocals sounding like a Junior Boys album on a higher BPM mixed in with some M83. It’s more invoking and overwhelming. It’s somehow poppier, deeper, and more lush than before. It’s a soundtrack to life. And I love it.

19 Telefon Tel aviv – the Birds

20 Fever Ray – I’m Not Done


MMM I had somewhat high hopes for Fever Ray’s (aka half of the Knife, Karin Dreijer Andersson) self titled debut album. This LP just ended up being a much muuuuuuuuch poorer version of the Knife’s Silent Shout and is quite different from Deep Cuts. Despite it being Karin’s solo album, Olof Dreijer (her brother and the other half of the Knife) makes many appearances on this album so it sounds a lot like the Knife except the sound is no where as unique. No neck pain involved in this album ’cause nothing is crazy enough to invoke any head bopping or body shaking of any sort. The siblings’ voices are unsurprisingly magnetic and are the true heroes behind this album. Their voices shape the darkness that encompasses most of the Knife’s music and the droning beats help with this as well. Overall, not a bad album.

21 Fever Ray – If I had a Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Best Fuck Buttons remix ever. This is way better than the original song and any other song on the Fever Ray album actually jaja. The video for “If I had a Heart” is pretty cool.

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I tried to watch the inauguration, but class and science got in the way. I did see Cheney in a wheelchair and the newsflash of Ted Kennedy’s collapse. I’m surprised he made it out there, he looks rough.

I would defend Franz Ferdinand, but I quickly realized that Lucid Dreams and Ulysses are the only songs I listen to off that album.

WTF is with Heartbeats and Kanye?! Keep him away from the Swedes!

Kevin, January 20, 2009

BIG BIG BIG UP For sharing this…the tracklist is dope.

Lateef, January 23, 2009


I’ve been bumping this for the past couple days. Thanks Dona.

— Sal, January 27, 2009