I was on the bus back from Toronto this evening and there were a couple super duper hipster French girls heading back to Montreal sitting with me. They seemed to have just been shopping. It was probably for the best that my French is piss-poor, otherwise I might have pretended to be really impressed and asked where I, too, could get an entirely polka-dot wardrobe before it goes out of style next week. Instead, I slept, except for occasionally being wakened by their loud ringtones. They were texting each other. Here is a collection of songs for indie Franco girls, spoken in the international language of American Apparel.

This remix is off the 5th Kitsune Maison comp, usually not so down with those discs but this new one is really quite solid. Kitsune’s a French record label, Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya are from Paris, and theme weeks are agréable.

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya – Fuck Friend (CSS Remix)

In the Club are from Paris too and so are Killdahype. Voila!

In the Club – She’s a Man (Killdahype Remix)

Numero# are from Montreal. This song was a really fun one at places this summer, maybe you’d recognize it. It was actually on a Kitsune comp too. More French Connections in this post than in Satan’s mall.

Numero# – Hit Pop

TTC are the illest group ever and if you came to any of my dance parties this year you have no doubt heard me screaming like a teenage girl during this song.

TTC – Une Bande de Mecs Sympa

And finally, I don’t know what’s French for “slow jamz” but Charlotte Gainsbourg is Serge‘s daughter and this is a pretty cool song.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Operation

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Your writing is as hilarious as your beats are rocking. And your beats are quite rocking.

— David, December 14, 2007