Ghostland Observatory

I had my first bail of the season yesterday while walking on campus, it was so badass. Got straight horizontal, felt like I even bounced off the sidewalk. Hopefully the surveillance camera mounted on top of Stauffer Library served a less disturbing purpose and caught it on tape. Random and epic falls are a sure sign that winter is very much upon us.

Does anybody else notice that the world gets awfully quiet this time of year? I’m not sure why that is, but I treat anything that seems to prove U2 right with a good deal of suspicion. In any event, the past few days have got me thinking back to this track again. Don’t panic, more hours of darkness just means more hours of dancing.

Snowden – Anti-Anti (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Keeping with this theme, or more specifically, making up a theme that I hadn’t particularly intended, this Miami Horror remix would definitely be in my My5. It’s really rad.

The Dirty Secrets – 5 Feet of Snow (Miami Horror Remix)

Enough snow, but here’s a track that’s got the same kinda turboblast feel to it. Ghostland Observatory are from Texas, where everything is bigger, and if Pierre McGuire stood beside the stage at concerts and commentated, these guys would be his monster performer at the end of the gig. This is a very very slight edit that makes the song a little more DJ-friendly, but basically it’s the O.G. version.

Ghostland Observatory – Piano Man (Jesse’s Edit)

And how about some rock ‘n’ roll from somewhere not so cold? Last week DJ Marlboro, this week De Falla; basically I’m obsessed with Brazilian funk. This is one of the most famous songs from the genre, so I figured it’d be a good starter if you’re not so familiar. De Falla was the former band of singer Edu K, and in the megamall that is baile funk, Edu K is like a horde of teenage girls: You’ll run into him everywhere, until he just becomes part of the landscape.

De Falla – Popozuda Rock ‘n’ Roll

And I just couldn’t slip away without dropping this little gem for the holiday season.

Clarence Carter – Back Door Santa

Christmas contest: What is the least appropriate song to play at family gatherings this time of year? Can anybody think of one better than Clarence Carter’s innuendo-rich ode to sexual promiscuity? Holler at the comments with your answers. The winner will receive, well, nothing, apart from the assurance that yours will be one of the names Santa checks twice.

— , December 5, 2007    3 Comments

Definitely “Homecoming” by the Teenagers.

“I fucked my American cunt”

Daniel, December 5, 2007

i just love how u began this post…. it was pure genius! i love it!

the songs r good too:)

— Justine, December 5, 2007

FUCK THE PAIN AWAY- peaches…. it’s old but inappropriate:)

— Justine, December 5, 2007