Sometimes when something’s wrong, I make a depressing playlist to burry myself deeper into my depression. Sometimes I know something must be wrong, because of the playlist I find myself listening to.

Today, iTunes got smarter with a new feature called “Genius”. Genius creeps your library and compares it to everyone else in the universe and decides based on one song that you pick, what else fits your mood. Based on the playlist that it spit at me, I think it’s trying to tell me that my heart hurts. I’m not going to argue with it:

So I started with a song I posted last week, “Sad Robot” by the Stars, then pressed the “Genius button” and it gave me what you see above … the most depressing playlist I’ve ever had. So, in short, sombreros off to you Señor Jobs, your new toy works – it has successfully fed my depression. (Songs for those of you who want to feel pain are after the break)

Stars – Sad Robot
Iron and Wine – Naked As We Come
Jose Gonzales – Teardrop
Rooney – Blueside
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Joshua Radin – Only You
New Buffalo – Misery and Mountains, Arrows and Bows
Patrick Watson – The Great Escape

— , September 9, 2008    8 Comments

One- don’t say I never comment
Two- No :( make it :) Click on “Jimmy” by MIA, press the Genius button, and then have a dance party. Eh?

— Ada, September 9, 2008

haha, ohhh brighten up sal!

— Taha, September 10, 2008

Really hoping for some Imogen Heap, Steve. Can’t Rooney share The O.C. buzz (**cough* in 2006 *cough*)?

You know you love me…xoxo
(*cough* appropriately modern reference *cough*)

— Scott, September 10, 2008

Ada, you never comment.

Taha, I’ll go to the ends of the room, to show you my blue side.

Scott, stop doing mesc/i have no idea who you are, but your comment makes me uncomfortable.

— Sal, September 10, 2008

umm the gossip girl ending to that comment just made my whole day.

— Justine, September 12, 2008

I also do that!
Genius, is a genius.

— aviv, September 15, 2008

So far it’s just been giving me variations on the same playlist, and it’s failing to recognize a bunch of songs. Hopefully it improves.

Kevin, September 15, 2008

Scott, get some ‘tussum for that appropriately modern cough.

Ada – I’m pro :). I like the way you move, nice jump-off point.

Sal, how did you survive this? I checked the papers…it doesn’t say anything about you being discovered in your basement with your wrists slit. Call me to verify you’re still of this earth.

— Mark, September 15, 2008