The Stills

I know I’ve been mentioning the Stills quite a bit recently, but last night’s show at Call the Office here in London was the best show I’ve been to in awhile. Good tunes, good friends, good atmosphere. What more can you ask for?

I didn’t catch the opening acts, but it was clear who the audience came to see this Thursday night, and the Stills triumphantly took the stage, complete with glowsticks on their microphones that seemed determined to ruin every one of my cell phone pictures. They opened with Don’t Talk Down, the first song from their new album and from then on the approach was less talk, more rock. Aside from the occasional political quip between songs, the band played a seamless set heavily loaded on Logic Will Break Your Heart and Oceans Will Rise, giving the fans what they wanted. The only conspicuous absence was Love and Death, considering that’s one of their more popular numbers. In my experience, London crowds aren’t known for their enthusiasm, but the crowd was positively bursting with energy, at least the sector I was in. Come to think of it, I never really saw how full the bar actually was during the show, but it felt packed.

I also appreciated the co-frontman vibe that Tim and Dave seem to exude. Whereas the Without Feathers-era seemed to be Dave stepping out from the drumkit to take hold of the band, there now seems to be a happy medium that allows both to share the spotlight. Vocals have shifted back to Tim, for the most part. As always, bassist Olivier Corbeil was a joy to watch, wandering around the stage, causing a ruckus and joyfully singing along. The show surpassed the last time I saw them (three years ago) in nearly every way. Negative cool points go to one of the opening bands. Upon the show’s conclusion, as people were headed out into the night, they blocked the exit trying to sell their album (at a possibly discounted price, no less.) It reeked of desperation.

Don’t Talk Down
Lola Stars and Stripes
Being Here
Snow In California
Of Montreal
Snakecharming the Masses
Still in Love Song
Eastern Europe
In the Beginning
Rooiboos/Palm Wine Drinkard

Gender Bombs
Hands on Fire
Changes Are No Good

The Stills – Eastern Europe


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