The Bicycles

On Saturday I went to the Grad Club on campus to see The Bicycles who I had first heard about when I was reading a list of the top ranking albums of 2006 on Canadian campus radio in my school’s newspaper. These guys were somewhere near the top so I figured I should check them out. The title The Good the Bad and the Cuddly doesn’t exactly hide their indie pop leaning, but that doesn’t mean Les Bicyclettes just fit the regular mold. They really do care if we dance, and if not dance, clap, and if not clap, move our shoulders a bit. To each his own. With the energy they put into every song they definitely got the crowd moving. So yeah, if you don’t mind cute and you love energy and fun, this is definitely a band to check out. There’s horns and strings to boot.


— , April 2, 2007    3 Comments

are they wearing bicycles shirts at their own show? matching suits is one thing…

— anothergirlanotherplanet, April 2, 2007

It’s cool either way.

Taha, April 16, 2007

I asked them at the show why they just put Bs. They were like “What? You’ve never heard of branding?”

Daniel, April 17, 2007