Born Ruffians

April 13, 2008, Call the Office, London, Ontario, Canada

Tonight I saw Born Ruffians at Call the Office. I wasn’t entirely familiar with them, but I’ve listened to the new album, which I found intriguing, and $10 was the right price. Plus, I needed a study-break, so it fit the bill.

Opening was the Problems out of Guelph, featuring a bassist with an unfortunate mustache, a guitarist with a crutch as a fashion statement, and the drummer from Cuff the Duke, who’s suggested problem was a colostomy bag. *ba dum ching* But seriously, this was quirky, fun rock and roll with more of that banter I love. The only song title I recall was “How to Raise a Canary,” but they delivered a solid set of quick songs that left me wanting more.

The next act was Young Rival. I saw them in Port Dover three or four years ago when they were known as the Ride Theory, and aside from the name, not much has changed. It was dull, boring and kind of lifeless rock. It felt like there was no energy coming off the stage. I’m sure they’re technically good at what they do, but I just don’t get them.

Finally, Born Ruffians took the stage, despite the singer appearing to have a bit of a cold. Normally when I see bands I’m not too familiar with, there’s a bit of a disconnect. However, from the opening chords of Red Yellow and Blue I was drawn into the ensuing party. I wish I knew more of the lyrics at the time so I could’ve joined in the joyous sing-along more than I did. It felt like going down a rollercoaster, minus the fear of dying. Best of all they finished off the set with my favourite song off the new album, I Need a Life, prior to coming back for an encore. I highly recommend you see them if you get the chance.

Born Ruffians – I Need a Life


— , April 13, 2008    1 Comment

Sweet! Glad to know it was a good show. I’m checking them out on April 26th, can’t wait. R,Y,B is a fantastic album in my opinion. I think Cadence Weapon, the illustrious edmonton pitchfork writer turn rapper over atari-reminiscent beats, is the opener.

— Taha, April 13, 2008