August 3, 2010 – Toronto does not like Molson Canadian. However, we do like Blitzen Trapper. That was the consensus drawn by a fairly full Opera House on Tuesday night. When guitarist Marty Marquis raised his tall boy of Molson Canadian and proclaimed it as the best beer Canada had to offer, he was met with a series of boos. But they were friendly boos, and he was only saying what the ad had told him. That said, the rest of the night was all cheers.

Blitzen Trapper took the stage and kicked off with ‘Fire and Fast Bullets’, an appropriate opener to an evening that felt like it could have happened just the same back in 1970. Part of Blitzen Trapper’s appeal has always been that good old fashioned rock and roll feeling you get when you listen to Bob Dylan and The Band, but they don’t get close enough to it to feel unoriginal. Lead singer Eric Earley has his own unique writing style, which was showcased throughout the night.

About halfway through the show they got into a mainly acoustic set. Eric Earley’s songwriting was demonstrated on songs like, ‘Lady on the Water’ and ‘The Man Who Would Speak True’. Though they could have used a more attentive audience, Earley’s voice shined loud and clear in the Opera House, eyes wide open to those paying attention. The highlight of the night was when they finally got around to ‘Furr’. That song is already a classic that will be around forever, and everyone there knew it. It was a full on foot stomping sing along, and drew the biggest ovation of the night.

By the end of the show Marty had learned of Moosehead Lager, the option of the flask, and that we have much more to offer than Molson Canadian. And those in the Opera House learned that classic rock is still happening in 2010, and it’s just as good as it ever was.

Blitzen Trapper – Dragon’s Song
Blitzen Trapper – Lady on the Water


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HOttttt mama is ready for a new mix tape!! oxoxo

Kelsey, August 20, 2010

ooooo ooooo I think I found one!! Just kidding!!

Kelsey, August 20, 2010