Hearts Revolution

I was a bit skeptical when I was first introduced to Hearts Revolution – one of their big tracks features Cory Kennedy so I immediately assumed they were just another ‘hipster band’ and not worth wasting my precious blogging time on. And then I came to the realization that I could categorize pretty much every band I listen to as a ‘hipster band’…. and does that title even matter?! I get called a ‘hipster’ everyday – I work at Urban Outfitters and last year I was a slave to those god awful headbands. Well, I used to scorn everyone who labeled me as such but I’ve recently taken a new outlook on the whole situation: So what if I am a ‘hipster’ and so what if Hearts Revolution are a ‘hipster band’?! Being cool is not a crime, it’s a privilege. And on that note…if you enjoy a little electro thrash/metal/noisy hipster goodness then you will probably take a liking to these bad ass New Yorkers.

‘Switchblade’ is epic. It has one of those weirdly and unexpectedly catchy beats that you just can’t help busting a move to. However, it did take me a few listens to really get into it, but it is so worth hitting that repeat button for.

Hearts Revolution – Switchblade

And as can be expected of any hip new band, Hearts Revolution have been getting the remix treatment from pretty much, um, everyone. Well, at least everyone whose myspaces are worth frequenting. L.A. Riots‘ remix of ‘Switchblade’ seems to be a favourite in the blogisphere, but in my opinion, the kids who really put the acid-washed denim in this track are Montreal’s Nu Ravers on the Block. So how about heading on over to their myspace to check it out.

More remix candy comes in the form of Brooklyn’s Lauren Flax and her re-working of ‘C.Y.O.A’. It feels as though Miss Flax went a tad Miss Kittin and the Hacker on this one – and I like it!!!

Hearts Revolution – C.Y.O.A. (Lauren Flax remix)

Hearts Revolution – Prism Effect


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There is nothing I love more tthan really fantastic bubblegum pop tunes. You know, the kind of songs that you would listen to when cruising in Cali with the top down and your hair blowing in the wind while you apply some tasty Diamond Icing Lip Smackers and giggle with your girlfriends. Well, I don’t know if they even make Diamond Icing anymore – they should though, lip smackers was the best part of 7th grade – but either way the soundtrack to my little joy ride fantasy would be Annie‘s new song ‘Girlfriend’. Remember Annie? The Norwegian pop singer who put out what Pitchfork called a ‘perfect pop tune’ back in 2004?! If you don’t, then learn. She is from Bergen, she’s blond and her last album, Anniemal was honestly one of the best things I’ve heard. ‘Heartbeat’ was on repeat in my dorm room for the entire year and I never got sick of it because 1) it was perfection and 2) there were so many good remixes – MSTRKRFT, Mylo, Röyksopp, Alan Braxe, etc. – that I could switch it up every now and then. Anyways, her new album ‘Don’t Stop’ will be released in July. There are already some remixes of ‘Girlfriend’. I like the Get Shakes one best.

Annie – Girlfriend
Annie – I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me (Get Shakes Remix)

And just because my love for ‘Heartbeat’ will never end, I’ve decided to throw it in as well. Plus a remix or two for old time sake.

Anni – Heartbeat
Annie – Heartbeat (Alan Braxe Remix)


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Ed Records, Vol III will be released May 26th. It feels too far away. I don’t like waiting. Especially not for something that I know will be génial. In the mean time Feadz has put together a little mash-up of what is to come and it is so so yummy. It is Steak-Frites deliciousness.

Also, Uffie is getting married to some lamo named Andre?! She is supposed to marry Feadz!!! They were Ed Records lovebirds and he is pretty much responsible for her career! In the words of Full House‘s Stephanie Tanner, how rude! Anyways, I could continue this rant all day long but instead I’ll leave you with the teaser.

Ed Banger Records – Ed Rec Vol III Teasers

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Just wanted to share a new video that I adore. Ladyhawke’s first video for ‘Back of the Van’ = Jem and the Hologram’s worthy. I really want Ladyhawke to make a video for ‘Paris is Burning’. It is my favourite song in the whole world. Well, this week at least. I’ve included that after the video

Ladyhawk – Paris Is Burning


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The Postmarks

I’m feeling mellow aujourd’hui and The Postmarks have been on repeat all day. They are from Miami and their sound is very 70s-esque. The video for ‘Goodbye’ is perfection and the girl has fantastic fringe. ‘Let Go’ and ‘Know Which Way the Wind Blows’ are my favourites.

The Postmarks – Goodbye
The Postmarks – Let Go
The Postmarks – Know Which Way the Wind Blows


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