Over the course of their 23-year career, leather clad Japanese trio Guitar Wolf have managed to release 23 consistently grimy punk rock albums (including one which claims to be the loudest ever recorded), toured the world 10 times over, and starred in a cult horror film where they battle zombies from outer space. The band plays a unique, over-the-top brand of punk which they call “Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll”, a sound inspired by ’70s power chord punk played at excessively loud volume. Guitar Wolf has a reputation for playing some of the wildest shows in Japan, but now they’re touring North America with a few Canadian dates, playing Toronto and Montreal earlier this week and Vancouver next Wednesday, May 25. Prior to the start of the tour, I was scheduled to catch up with band in Nagoya, Japan, only to have that meeting fall apart following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I was still able to get in touch with Seiji, leader of the pack.

Guitar Wolf – Jet Generation

Aleks: How would you describe the music of Guitar Wolf?

Seiji: Motorcycles, leather jackets, space, and SEX.

Aleks: Where have you drawn influence from?

Seiji: Bruce Lee and Elvis. I just wanted to do cool action like them on stage.

Aleks: Were there any bands like Guitar Wolf in Japan when you started out?

Seiji: There was no such band like us!

Aleks: Were you well received by audiences in Japan back when you first began playing?

Seiji: We were too crazy. Not a lot of people came to see us when we started the band.

Aleks: Your first record, Wolf Rock!, is very lo-fi, very raw. I read that it was recorded mostly in a basement with almost no recording equipment. Is that true?

Seiji: It was recorded in a practice studio. Most of the songs were recorded with a 4-track cassette tape and for some songs we even used a Walkman.

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