The Raveonettes

Their influences are obvious, and they tend not to hide them. Clearly obsessed with noise upon noise of The Jesus and Mary Chain foremost, and after that the chugging electronic beats of Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide, The Raveonettes don’t really think they’re making any progression in music. They make music true to to their idols, which although it belongs to some rejected music community between 1977 and 1985, still sounds refreshing today.

First, let me apologize. This album didn’t even come out this year, and 5 months is about a dynasty in the internet age. But I’ve got lots of recently released music (and some not released yet) and I keep going back to Lust, Lust, Lust by The Raveonettes. A December 2007 release, nothing is going to stop it from sneaking into my end of year list.

As I’m writing this post, my sister just walks into the room  “It sounds like death!”. I disagree. She’s wrong in the same way as Juno saying that Sonic Youth is “just noise“. But I was the same in grade 9 when I heard Psychocandy and couldn’t really understand the Beach Boys comparisons. I do now. It’s brilliant melody and emotion hidden behind the raw energy of amp gains turned to 11.

The best Raveonettes album yet. Their music videos are crap and YouTube sound quality just wouldn’t do, so download these if you like. Headphones are a must.

The Raveonettes – Lust
The Raveonettes – Dead Sound
The Raveonettes – Black Satin


— , May 11, 2008    5 Comments

you know, the raveonettes are the kind of band you can’t play for other people unless you know they already like them. sometimes it takes a couple listens to appreciate them and you rarely get into them the first time. I’ve learned to not put them on party playlists and stuff because they always get bad reception, not because they’re a bad band (I think they are freaking awesome… discovered them watching a betsy johnson fashion show) but because their really noisy sound doesn’t appeal to people the first time around.

— kas, May 13, 2008

they played at the Oyster Mag launch party and were a huge hit

— Justine, May 13, 2008

question…. i am new-ish to them…. but i dont find their sound any louder or even as noisy as say…. early justice… waters of nazareth and lots of other bands… i wont make a long list… but i think their sound is pretty? am i crazy or hearing the wrong songs?

— Justine, May 13, 2008

yeah … i was thinking the same thing as Justine.

where are these noisy songs?

— Sal, May 13, 2008

if i only posted items that people were ready to here and new they would like, i would have to pander quite a bit.

the noise isn’t so much that they’re loud, because that’s really up to how loud you play it. but the whole point of the music is a lush pretty pop song hidden behind layers of noise (gain, distortion, echo, etc)

if you’re new to shoegaze or dream pop then you might want to check out ride, pale saints, and my bloody valentine. and especially check out “i’ve got wings” by ninotchka, the best noisiest song i’ve heard.

Daniel, May 14, 2008