As their title track and album cover might suggest, The Pipettes would seem to be just another girl band trio, and are composed of members Rosay, RiotBecki, and Gwenno (top image: from left to right). But it would be misleading to say that they are “just another girl band trio”. First of all, there are actually seven members. The four male band members you’ll probably never see on a photoshoot provide the dance-punk musical accompaniment. The instrumental component of the band is independently known as The Cassettes, and includes guitarist and solo musician Monster Bobby who founded The Pipettes with former band member Julia Clark-Lowes. Secondly, it’s arguably unfair to say that they’re “just another” power pop band. It’s actually a little bit of a controversy about how disposable this band might turn out to be. Given their manufactured origins and their post-retro 60s theme that motifs in the front girls’ polka-dot uniforms and finger-waving dance choreography, the band seems almost gimmicky. However, all that seems to be deliberate, and what’s more, they pull it off so damn well. One might even dare to think that The Pipettes actually have the potential to stay around long enough to make a chart-topping third album. One would hope so, because I personally haven’t had enough of these darlings!

Their debut album We Are The Pipettes was released in the U.K. just over a year ago by Memphis Industries, but has only been released in the U.S. last month by Cherrytree Records. The Pipettes are currently touring Canada and will be performing at Lee’s Palace next week on November 18th.

“Pull Shapes” by The Pipettes


— , November 10, 2007    1 Comment

Wicked band. Love the song “Your kisses are wasted on me”.

— Emily, November 15, 2007