Today I bring you Spoon’s unfortunately titled Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (who am I kidding, that’s an excellent title). This isn’t a new piece of music by any means, but it hasn’t been mentioned yet on Ca Va Cool and I felt the need to bring it in as I figure it will be on many contributors’ ‘Best Of 2007’ Lists. Spoon has been crafting excellent, bare bones rock and roll for about a decade. Despite early comparisons to the Pixies, the band has built a solid reputation for their funky, soulful, and OCD influenced tunes.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is the best type of breakup record. Instead of wallowing in the proverbial pit of sadness so often reserved for excellent songwriters, Britt Daniel has crafted an all encompassing retelling of falling out of love. Daniels focuses on the minutia of a relationship instead of playing the blame game, and does it with a heavy helping of trumpet and saxophone.

Spoon – You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb


— , December 5, 2007    5 Comments

One of my favourite songs of the year, if not my favourite is “Rhythm and Soul”. “The Underdog” is not far behind.

Daniel, December 5, 2007

You Got Yr Cherry Bomb= neon loooooooove

— Justine, December 5, 2007

Great album. Also, just got home from hangin with BSS. The show was awesome. Chilling with them after the show was ridiculous.

gangbang suicide.


— Sal, December 6, 2007

To Sal,

So. Much. Jealousy.

Your co-contributor,


— David, December 6, 2007

So I’ve been contemplating telling this story; it’s going to make me look like a total nerd (not much lost there) and it’s going to be ridiculously long. But I feel it is an awesome story and must be shared.
Apparently Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was the original name of the track Ghost of You Lingers (my personal Spoon fave of all time… it’s still on repeat) and is in reference to the instrumental riff at the beginning of the track (that’s not just a keyboard!). Daniels thought the name was tres awesome – very Dadaesque – and so gave the name to the album.
Dada is the name of the nihilistic art movement that emerged in Europe during the interwar period. The movement defied traditional forms of beauty and the term “dada” doesn’t actually mean anything.
So I think Spoon’s album is aptly named as Britt Daniel’s awesome song writing is certainly unique and defies traditional norms (ie. your comment David about the album not being a sad breakup album!).
So there we go. And now I will go hang my head in nerd shame…and study. But don’t be too harsh in judging me; nerd persecution must end!

— Megan, December 8, 2007