Mates of State

Mates of State have always been my favourite two piece. They’ve done a lot with just an organ and some drums. None of their records have sounded too much like the last, they’ve always kept it fresh. On their new album, Re-Arrange Us, they decide to throw some more instruments to the mix. Out is the organ, and in comes a grand piano, and synthesizers. They flesh out their sound with strings and guitars, and even some guest backup singers. On their first couple of records, I always felt their singing felt very DIY, but their harmonies were so perfect and charming it didn’t matter. But on this album Kori’s voice has never sounded better.

All the aspects that make me love Mates of State are still there, the back and forth singing, the harmonies, and that charm that just radiates through them. This album sounds like Mates of State growing up. With 2 kids now, I guess they kinda are. Or they’re just getting better.

Mates of State – Get Better
Mates of State – My Only Offer


— , June 17, 2008    1 Comment

Mates of State are rocking my world right now.

I love My Only Offer.

— Sal, June 23, 2008