Photograph by Alex Cairncross

As summer dies down, Library Voices return with their second LP, Summer of Lust. Produced by the Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek, who is becoming the go-to guy for Canadian indie rock, Summer of Lust feels more reined in and focused than Denim on Denim, which is surprising for a band of seven people. On Summer of Lust, Library Voices have managed to maintain their pop sensibilities and make another solid, if brief, album.

Playing up their literary moniker, the album is introduced and closed by a narrator, and a multitude of allusions that go completely over my head are included. ‘The Prime Minister’s Daughter’, however, is a clear rebuke of recent cuts to art funding, which may be lost in the lightness of the song. The album’s highlight comes with the first song, ‘If Raymond Carver Were Born in the 90’s’, with a surprisingly poignant theme of coming to grips with the people around you growing up, while remaining in a sort of arrested development. In a recurring motif, the melancholy lyrics are paired with bouncy background music. Even ‘Generation Handclap’, the most upbeat song on the record, seems to have a bit of sadness to it.

At just over a half-hour in length, Summer of Lust comes and goes rather quickly. It’s usually a good sign if a band leaves you wanting more, and it looks like that desire will have to be satiated with their perpetual touring. It’s a wonder they aren’t more well known, but hopefully Summer of Lust will bring Library Voices the respect they deserve.

Library Voices – If Raymond Carver Were Born in the 90’s
Library Voices – Generation Handclap


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