“We’re all part of the same revolution, and it’s called, ‘I’m going to care about something so much that it changes my life’”. Tim Martin, better known as His Name Shall Breathe produces the music that is the opus to this revolution. His aptly named debut album There Is an Earthquake Inside of Me released this January, recounts the moments collectively shared from love through loss amongst gentle staccato guitar chords and heartfelt lyrics of disillusionment. Whether Tim Martin is heading a revolution or merely struggling with the fickle aspects of life, his compassionate performance sends a distinct message – take care of each other when you can. His Name Shall Breathe has offered the album free of charge and encouraged listeners to share it.

For every gloomy walk through splattering rain, unrequited elementary school romance, and lengthy road trip leading to an irrevocable goodbye there is a narrative presented by His Name Shall Breathe. Tim Martin’s ability to illustrate these moments resonates with simplicity that prompts hopefulness unlike other artists. Instead of grey clouds clearing, broken hearts mending, and affectionate reunions, the walks through the rain are spent jumping in puddles, the broken hearts are left on distant coastlines, and reunions are forgone for nameless friendships. Based in Portland, poetically known as the city of roses, His Name Shall Breathe describes beauty in each thorn rather than focusing on a single petal.

Tim Martin’s soft voice underlies tenderly plucked guitar arrangements on songs such as ‘Swallow No More Drugs’ lulling you into an embracing warmth with lines such as, “Stay safe in the waves where even the oceans are holding hands with one another, as if they were lovers.” The appeal of His Name Shall Breathe stems from honesty in his recordings, overflowing with an impression of modest authenticity; as a listener, you quickly find a genuine allure in his revolution often catching yourself singing along to ‘55th and Halsey’ in between hand claps. There is an unquestionable amount of care set into There Is an Earthquake Inside of Me – so much it could change your life.

His Name Shall Breathe – Swallow No More Drugs
His Name Shall Breathe – 55th and Halsey
His Name Shall Breathe – A Lion


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omeo, September 29, 2009

and also, why is he not sharing his album on his myspace ?

omeo, September 29, 2009

I’ll re-upload the album in a little while. As far as why he’s not sharing ‘There Is an Earthquake Inside of Me’ himself – I have no clue. I’m sure Tim Martin like most rugged acoustic solo-acts can have his reclusive moments.

Jan, September 29, 2009

The link in the post should now be updated – again you can download the album here:


Jan, September 29, 2009

the link doesn’t work

— Jacob, October 18, 2009

Fixed again!


Jan, October 19, 2009

Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting this album for a long time.

— Jacob, October 19, 2009

try that

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