Hercules and Love Affair

Finally done exams, I decide it’s time to listen to the Hercules and Love Affair album that’s been getting so much top 2008 list love recently. I queue up the opening song, Time Will. I’m enjoying the tune, and go back to whatever it is I was supposed to be doing. I stare at the clock and realize an hour has gone by. I then realize I’ve been listening to the same song for an hour, after I accidentally clicked repeat in iTunes. Is it simply my post-exam grogginess, or is this some good shit? I often repeat a new song I like, but to be completely absorbed in the groove,  hypnotized, if you will, is something rare. Alternately I might just be tired and sleep-deprived and these are just non-sensical ramblings. But I do know one thing, after finally getting past the first song, I am digging this album. Consider it retroactively added to my list.

Hercules and Love Affair – Time Will


— , December 17, 2008    Comments Off on Hercules and Love Affair