Photograph by Bryanna Reilly

Photograph by Bryanna Reilly

Digits is the alias of Toronto’s Alt Altman, ex-member of The Ghost is Dancing and Europe in Colour. Hold It Close marks his solo debut, recorded in his apartment with occasional help from his former Europe in Colour bandmates. Hold It Close contains nine tracks of dark, introspective and brooding electronic pop.

Much like Junior Boys, the darkness gives way to a deeply danceable groove. For all its lyrical moodiness, the rhythm section will nonetheless keep these songs in your rotation. This is readily apparent on tracks such as ‘Sarah’, an almost obsessive lament over the loss of the title character. The funky bassline brings forth the lurid image of a dark and greasy dance club. Altman’s disembodied voice is the perfect fit, managing to appear both desperate and sinister. The pattern continues on ‘Monster’, a slightly more upbeat track that nonetheless retains the dark atmosphere. Fellow ex-Europe in Colour member Rebecca Applebaum provides vocals for ‘Warrant for Your Love’, providing an equal amount of obsession from the opposite gender. Moments of levity can be found in opening tracks ‘Saturation’ and ‘Endgame’.

Though bleak at times, Hold It Close suits the season, as it provides a good soundtrack as the nights get longer and colder. Digits will be playing at the Silver Dollar in Toronto with Beth in Battle Mode and Girl + the Machine on November 28.

Digits – Sarah
Digits – Monster
Digits – Saturation


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