Dead Mellotron

Dead Mellotron hails from Monroe, Louisiana and is made up of one member, simply known as Frazier on the band’s MySpace page. He has made his debut EP, Ghost Light Constellation, available for free download in its entirety on the band’s website.

The sound of the album certainly lives up to the title. The sweeping distortion and spaced out drumbeats take the listener deep into infinity to watch a star being born or die. It’s very beautiful and very hopeful. There are a lot of bass explosions and distorted guitars throughout the album, so it definitely feels like a rock ‘n’ roll show, but the keyboards, enormous reverb, and unrushed tempo are a reminder that everything is happening outside the earth’s atmosphere. The EP achieves cohesiveness, which becomes clearer with each listen. Each song is different in its arrangements but what holds them together is their theme: that one must keep exploring at all costs.

Dead Mellotron has released a very impressive debut. Although the tracks are arranged otherwise, I suggest listening to the album in the following order to reap greater rewards when the climax ‘Dress Rehearsal’ is reached: Untitled, Saltwater (Beach House Cover), Nothing I Ever Imagined, I Woke Up, I Hate the Way Things Are, Heart Flutter, Ghost Light Constellation, Dress Rehearsal.

Dead Mellotron – Dress Rehearsal
Dead Mellotron – I Woke Up
Dead Mellotron – I Hate the Way Things Are

Excerpt from Dead Mellotron Interview


— , April 3, 2009    2 Comments

Louis thank you for sharing this, I listened to the album while sleeping last night, is there any news on a full length LP from Dead Mellotron?

— Jan, April 7, 2009

the band is keeping things low key so there’s no sign of a full album. I will keep you posted though if anything surfaces. I also slept to this album. the best lullaby.

Louis Campos, April 8, 2009