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In the late ’90s, Blinker the Star frontman Jordon Zadorozny was writing songs with Courtney Love and released his band’s third album, August Everywhere, back when Dreamworks Records still existed. Growing up, August Everywhere was one of my favourite albums. Filled with twelve tracks of melancholy pop and a guest appearance by Failure’s Ken Andrews, I’ve listened to songs like ‘Below the Sliding Doors’ and ‘All Dreamed Out’ more times than I can count. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for the album didn’t extend to widespread worldwide love, and Blinker the Star remained fairly obscure. 2003 saw the release of the lacklustre Still in Rome and Zadorozny retreated back into the production side of the music business. Every now and then I would see his name in connection to people like Sam Roberts, but new material was scarce.

Mere days ago, We Draw Lines, the first Blinker the Star album in ten years, was released on Bandcamp. Somehow this was lost in the shuffle of other ’90s CanCon reunions like I Mother Earth. I owed it to my fifteen year-old self to give it a listen. The verdict? Pretty good!

Shifting closer to the pop of August Everywhere rather than the rock of Still in Rome, the title track of We Draw Lines serves as a great re-introduction to the band, which is more of a Zadorozny solo act at this point, as he’s credited with most of the instruments and vocals. I’m curious how long this album has been in the works, as ‘Subtle Days’ has been floating around for a few years, though it was recorded under the Abbey side-project with vocalist Sofia Silva. Also on the album is a cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’. It’s still early, but after a few listens this feels like it recaptures the summery, atmospheric feeling of August Everywhere, and a welcome return for Blinker the Star. If any other band from my teens wants to reform and release another album unexpectedly, please feel free. Is Longwave still together?


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