I’m not really into reviewing things, but I’ll make the occasional exception for people I think deserve the extra exposure. In this case, I couldn’t pass up saying something about the new Black Mountain album, In The Future. They’re a band close to my heart not only because they hail from Vancouver but also because they’re pretty excellent people in the community. Three members of the band work for Insite, the safe injection site in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. They’re vegetarians. They’re also big players in the local scene. They use their music to support a lot of good community projects. Steve McBean is also the man behind Pink Mountaintops and Jerk with a Bomb, two other bands you should check out if you get the chance.

There’s also lots to say about the band’s music, but if you want big words and tenuous connections go read pitchfork. It’s rocking, it’s awesome, at times it’s overwhelming. Yeah, they sound like Black Sabbath sometimes, and Led Zeppelin sometimes, and the Velvet Underground sometimes. But mostly they sound like Black Mountain and that’s good enough for me. You will like them if you like guitars, or drums, or freedom. Give it a try.

The new album is coming out Jan. 22 on Jagjaguwar. It’s a really great record. Highlights include “Tyrants” (included below), “Stormy High” (coconuts way to kick off the album), “Evil Ways” (not a Santana cover, but the influence is there in the structure and the ideas), and “Bright Lights” (sixteen minutes long!!!). Out of respect to these dudes I’m putting up the song from it that they willingly released themselves. If you like it get the whole album or see them when they roll through your city.


— , November 30, 2007    1 Comment

Interesting comment that they are vegetarians does this make it better to listen to? Would it be better if they were vegan…

— david, January 5, 2012