Photograph by Warwick Baker

Still ignoring the fact that the band is from Australia and has absolutely nothing to do with Finland, Architecture in Helsinki has rebounded quite well with their new album Moment Bends. While 2007’s Places Like This had lead singer Cameron Bird inexplicably channelling Isaac Brock and yelping for much of the album, Moment Bends finds him back within familiar territory, with the soft, whisper-like delivery characteristic of earlier albums. Though the vocals return to a familiar territory,  the rest of Moment Bends has the band incorporating more electronic influences than ever, taking its most obvious inspiration from ’80s synth pop music.

The majority of the album is filled with bouncy, keyboard driven dance music, occasionally delving into strange moments like the weirdly tropical ‘Desert Island’. However, three tracks in the middle of the album deserve the most attention. First single ‘Contact High’ plays with vocoder during the chorus, and is probably the easiest transition for old fans surprised by the new electronic sound. It’s also accompanied by an amusing video featuring an androgynous man being groped by disembodied arms. ‘W.O.W’ slows things down with Kellie Sutherland taking lead vocals, followed by the midtempo, reflective ‘YR Go To’. While the songs fade towards the latter half, the pervasive sense of nostalgia helps the tracks coalesce into a warm and familiar album.

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High
Architecture in Helsinki – YR Go To


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